Easily transform data into meaningful charts.

Eazychart is a Javascript library that allows you to integrate beautiful animated charts within your Web app. Integrate and customize charts the way you want them to be within minutes with our easy-to-use chart library.

npm install eazychart-react


Our goal is to enable any developer to create beautiful charts and let the data tell a story.

Component Oriented Approach

Every chart is like a recipe where it combines different shapes, scales and logic. Whether you would like to use existing charts or develop your own, it's as eazy as cooking an egg.

Customizable and Extendable

Each chart we develop, we tend to make it as customizable as possible. By tunning the props or overriding some components you could fit the charts to the UI design. Create your own custom chart using the base components we offer in the library.

Responsive & Animated SVG charts

Create any of your visualization in SVG format with cool animations if you would like it to be interactive. Every chart is built to be web responsive so that it shows up the same across all devices.

Who worked on this

We are a team of Web engineer working day and night to provide you with the best charts you could get.


Bechir Nemlaghi

FullStack JS Engineer


Mohamed Marrouchi

Web Engineer


Nour Borgi

Web Developer


Yassine Dorboz

Frontend Engineer


Ilyes Ben Amara

FullStack JS Engineer


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